Friday, 20 April 2012

Am I an adult?

I am a twenty year old female sitting cross legged on a bed eyeing up a bar of Galaxy chocolate. In doing so I am replicating pretty much all my teenage and childhood behaviour. No wonder I've started to question whether I am an adult.

At the moment I don't feel like one. Occasionally I do adult like things - I browse estate agent websites curiously, I have sex (though with the media's obsession for underage sex and teenage pregnancy, this is the least adult 'adult' thing I probably do), I sometimes go out for a drink. These all seem reasonably adult-y. Then again, I have just used the word 'adult-y'.

Perhaps I am somewhere in between. Somewhere where I am technically an adult but my brain has yet to catch up. (This doesn't surprise me, nor should it you if you have ever told me a joke.) Somewhere in all my rather aimless musing I started to consider whether ten year old me would consider this older version an adult, so I compiled a questionnaire.
  1. Do you have a bra that fits? Yes. (At ten I already had size C boobs, a bra that encompassed them and hid them when I changed for PE was the epitome of amazing, aspirational adultness.)
  2. Do you have two bras that fit?! (and so on.) Yes.
  3. Do you have a job? Um, sadly not.
  4. Can you drive? Not without hitting something I've failed to see.
  5. Do you have a boyfriend? Yup. 
  6. Do you do your own shopping? Can you buy as many sweets as you want? Um. Sometimes I shop, housekeeping in the A&G flat is minimal.. I do buy sweets though! (But now am more aware that I really, really shouldn't.)
  7. It's not an imaginary boyfriend, is it? Um, I don't think so. It grumbles when I poke it.
  8. Can you go on the internet lots and lots and lots? Uh huh.
  9. Do you have all the Sims games? Sorry.. 
  10. Are people still scary? Very, exceptionally. Hence why I have a boyfriend to hide behind.
So I'm 6/10ths of an adult according to me at ten. And you know what? That'll do me for now. So, so long. I'm off to eat Galaxy under a duvet and read.

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