Thursday, 28 June 2012

#dwsr - Penarth again..

Today's been a bit odd. It seemed like we spent all morning desperate to find out where Doctor Who was filming, with only a few elusive tweets to go on. Her location says South Wales - but where?!! But it's not where he lives, it's where he works - that could be anywhere! And so on. We really should have realised it'd be trusty old Penarth.

Firstly I owe a massive thank you to Ann, @ZZValleyGirl, for being brave enough to believe me when I promised @gabundy and myself aren't serial killers and giving us a lift to the Ponds' abode. It was great that we saw the interesting bit of filming with her - plus circumstances worked in her favour to mean she missed the boring bits! Clever old fate.

Our Doctor Who watching day started at Belle Vue Park, where the lovely @BBC_Fangirl and @Mugim0e were already set reporters on watch. Apparently they'd only just finished setting up so we got to watch a scene with Matt Smith sitting on a children's playpark frame several times before he was done for the day. Even so this was a quick scene and filming didn't even seem to last an hour. I took a video of their last run through, which is posted below. Occasionally a crew member offered additional dialogue for Matt to respond to, although unfortunately I didn't manage to capture that in the video. The scene ran thus:

How did this happen? Wait - Doctor

Invasion of the very small cubes - that's new!

*We believe it's either Amy or Rory asking this as it appeared to be a pick up for the playground scene filmed in Bute Esplanade in front of the Ponds' house a while back. We're not sure why the pick up was filmed at a different location. I'd venture to guess it was because they only had a small crew out on location and that was set up for Church Road, which is close by. We overheard Matt had to be finished by 5pm (presumably for the readthrough Steven Moffat tweeted about.) 

We then moved along to Church Road where Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan were filming. Unfortunately the lighting vans were parked outside the front of the property and a lighting screen hid the view from the back. We hung around for a few hours but apart from seeing Arthur a few times (and yet still failing to get a picture of him) we didn't achieve very much. We believe they finished at 8pm today and they will be filming at Church Road again tomorrow. I'm sorry that I haven't got any pictures or films to put up of those last few hours, but there really was nothing to see.

My thoughts?
It seems very odd that Karen and Arthur have been brought back for pick ups twice since they left. Especially since Karen chose to get her hair cut, which suggests to me she didn't know she'd be asked back to do pick ups - why would she make filming harder for herself? Last time we saw her at Church Road she was definitely wearing a wig (we didn't see her close enough today to find out if she still was, but I presume so.) It also appears to generally be episode four (Cubed) that the pick ups are for (although they also filmed at Llanelli with weeping angels this morning**, so it's not just Cubed.) so perhaps they are running under or had problems during the filming.

I also think my boyfriend is spot on when he says,

** We didn't find out where this was until afterwards. I wish I could have seen that, can't believe I've missed it twice now (the original shoot and the pick up)!

Anyway, here's hoping there'll be some exciting pictures of the Christmas episode soon!

Friday, 22 June 2012


My dreams are rubbish.

Case in note:
Last night I had two dreams. The first? That the heels had fallen off my new high heels and I was forced to wear them as trainers. The second? That I had a baby with my boyfriend. This sounds quite nice, and gooey and sweet until I point out that the only focus of the dream was trying to work out what the child's surname would be. To be honest, I'd have preferred more smiles and cuddles and less administration.

My boyfriend rolled over at about 11am this morning and told me that he'd been dreaming of zombie invasions all night.

Jealous, that I am.

Friday, 8 June 2012

#dwsr - various videos from the 7th June

My boyfriend gives a brilliant account of yesterday's filming on Gallifrey Base, you can find him detailing the various bits of filming here. Below I've put a more long-winded version of events and included some videos I took of the various scenes we saw filmed. I've had a lot of trouble getting the videos to upload, which is why they are from two different hosting websites.

First location: The Plan Cafe, Morgan Arcade, Cardiff.

They filmed here from about 7am to just before 11am (running over from the original '10.30am' the cafe was supposed to open at.) We arrived rather late on so we didn't see them setting up, however @CardiffTimelord has tweeted pictures of them from earlier hours of this shoot. They appeared to be filming the same scene in two different ways - firstly with Matt by himself and secondly with both Matt and Barnaby Edwards (playing a hooded figure.) Barnaby Edwards looked pretty awesome in the role - I love the finger point he does (you can see it in the second video.) They were clearly struggling for time and were filming right up to the last second, even when most of the stuff had been packed away. Afterwards a lot of the crew seemed to stay to sample the cafe's food and drink. Unfortunately it remained closed during this so we wandered off to have breakfast as we weren't sure when they were going to reopen.

Matt Smith films the scene by himself:

Matt Smith films the exact same scene again, but this time with the Hooded Figure played by Barnaby Edwards:

Second Location: The park by Bute Esplanade, Cardiff Bay (Amy and Rory's house.)

We were so put off by tales of storms and rain and small film crews that we ended up taking far too much time getting to Bute Esplanade, preferring to stay in a warm, dry pub than get soaked for possibly nothing. However we raced there once we saw news (that braver people than us had kindly tweeted on the #dwsr tag) that Matt Smith was there and the Tardis was out! Yes, we are regretting our laziness somewhat.

We arrived to immediately see Matt Smith film a scene where he's walking from the Ponds' house to the Tardis whilst carrying an umbrella in a rather whimsical way, complete with little bits of twirling and bouncing. Sadly our timings meant we only saw this being filmed once before they packed up for lunch and I didn't have my camera set up to take a video of it. We did manage to get photos of ourselves in front of the Tardis though, which was cool! I really appreciate it that the crew let us take a few snaps then, Gareth's already made it his avatar on every available social networking site I believe.

So we went back to the pub, watched the rain bucket down and fought unsuccessfully with the wifi.

After lunch we headed back to Bute Esplanade to see that they'd moved the Tardis away from the Ponds' house and closer to the children's play park (as far as I could make out they just wanted to ensure they got Matt on the Tardis with just sky behind) where we watched Matt Smith (looking a bit dejected in the rain and uncertain on the ladder) climb the Tardis with a large orange phone receiver. He appeared to call the Ponds whilst fixing the light at the top of the Tardis. Saul Metzstein was directing.

We've made out small amounts of dialogue, having fiddled with the audio a lot:
"Hello Ponds, me again" (something about Rory) "I've dropped your Ood back home, he's been missing his Hive Mind. Yeah... The Helmic Regulator's on the blink again, it got hit by an arrow!" (more dialogue but lost to the wind)

Matt Smith rehearses the scene, complete with clingfilm hair protector:

Matt Smith films the scene:

Third Location: Outside Amy and Rory's house on Bute Esplanade, Cardiff Bay

Unit were filming a small scene outside the Pond's house. They appear to run up to the house, with their guns all pointing in different directions before clustering around the front door. We think they filmed them picking the lock in the early afternoon, but at the time we were standing too far away to see properly. Close ups with their hands fiddling around the door, anyway. There were several cubes around (perfect little black cubes about the size of a fist) scattered on the floor, table and windowsill. They were placed in exactly the same position as when they were filming Cubed (Episode Four) so it's safe to say that this was a pick up. 

Unit raid the Ponds' house:

My boyfriend has also started a photobucket album up for our photos; it can be found here.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

#dwsr - Church Road, Penarth

Arthur Darvill
Hearing Church Road is a set location after Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill have already tearfully departed (as far as observing them on set goes) was always going to end up being confusing. Is this (the jaded question) merely some pick ups? Or (the excitable) related to the later episodes in Series 7?
The jaded have an awful habit of being right. I imagine it's all their experience (leading them to become so wary of hype) that does that. We were there from about 2pm to 7.30pm and we didn't see hide nor hair of Jenna Louise Coleman. There were a few rumours of Matt Smith having been around earlier in the day, but I haven't seen anything definite to confirm that.

 So what did we see? Well it was interiors, so not a lot.
Arthur, the man playing the Ood and
the Postman

- A man dressed as a postman
- A man in a black top and grey baggy trousers.
- Arthur coming out multiple times for either a smoke or to make a phone call. He seemed to have various different outfits on, most notably a black and white stripy top and a maroon jumper.
- The crew having an incredibly quick lunch break. You have to be impressed by their work ethic.
- A little boy yelling out to Arthur, "Rory!" and Arthur giving him a big smile and wave!
- Them working in one of the front upstairs rooms of the house.
- Oh, and an ood mask being carried out!

Ood Mask
So that was pretty exciting. (And the first monster related thing I've really seen on set!)

My thoughts*?
- I presume the man in black trousers and grey top was the man wearing the ood mask.
- I believe filming will continue at the cafe and Bute Esplanade (Simon was kind enough to drive us past and there were cones and a security guard there this evening, but nothing else) tomorrow. Hopefully there will be more and better photos then, because Bute Esplanade means exteriors!
- I do think it's just pick ups.

*These are just my random, fangirl-y ponderings, and aren't necessarily based on much.




Friday, 1 June 2012

#dwsr Hensol Castle - Part 2

Hensol Castle
I'm home now, unfortunately not with news that yes, Alex Kingston was on set jumping out of a heliocopter into the arms of Matt Smith and Dougray Scott. Sorry to disappoint.

But there was some Dougray Scott! Which was cool, even if I wasn't even convinced he was an actor when we saw him and my boyfriend (@gabundy) was certain he was Andrew Buchan (noted for starring opposite Matt Smith in 'Party Animals.') However twitter pretty quickly told us what's what, so thank you @chuckfoster, @CardiffTimelord, @Penny_Lope and @DTChick

A quick summary of the little we saw:

- Dougray Scott walking up the hill to the castle from the base, with a guard. He was wearing the same costume as he was pictured in the Daily Mail as wearing at Margam Park.
- Dougray Scott and Matt Smith having a chinwag on seats just outside the castle. 
- No heliocopter. I know it was reported on the tag, so it must have disappeared by 4pm.

There was very little to see in general, as we had to sit quite a distance away (and most of these pictures are only due to a decent zoom) and there was no exterior filming. Hopefully next time will be more visually stimulating!

Matt Smith and Dougray Scott, on location.
Dougray Scott walking to set.

#dwsr Hensol Castle

So if I'm blogging from set reporting you know not much is going on. However I might as well fill you in on what is going on because I know 140 characters doesn't tell you very much.

We got the bus here and arrived at some shut gates. We could see the FATTs vans but obviously couldn't get to them. So we went for a walk. Eventually we got to the public entrance to the golf club, hotel and everything that seems to make up this complex of buildings. We walked through until we saw the castle.

We've ended up sat between the base and the castle (the location.) There isn't much to see, especially with my eyesight (which is worse than my mobile's camera, I have discovered) Our highlight so far has been glimpsing Matt Smith being driven from the base to loc through the viewfinder of our camera.

So sum news so far?
- They're at a pretty castle with a lot of grassy grounds. They're shooting interiors.
- Matt Smith is here, and we've only seen him sans jacket, wearing the shirt and waistcoat we saw him in at Margam Park.
- There's little activity so possibly it's going to be a late-ish shoot.