Thursday, 7 June 2012

#dwsr - Church Road, Penarth

Arthur Darvill
Hearing Church Road is a set location after Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill have already tearfully departed (as far as observing them on set goes) was always going to end up being confusing. Is this (the jaded question) merely some pick ups? Or (the excitable) related to the later episodes in Series 7?
The jaded have an awful habit of being right. I imagine it's all their experience (leading them to become so wary of hype) that does that. We were there from about 2pm to 7.30pm and we didn't see hide nor hair of Jenna Louise Coleman. There were a few rumours of Matt Smith having been around earlier in the day, but I haven't seen anything definite to confirm that.

 So what did we see? Well it was interiors, so not a lot.
Arthur, the man playing the Ood and
the Postman

- A man dressed as a postman
- A man in a black top and grey baggy trousers.
- Arthur coming out multiple times for either a smoke or to make a phone call. He seemed to have various different outfits on, most notably a black and white stripy top and a maroon jumper.
- The crew having an incredibly quick lunch break. You have to be impressed by their work ethic.
- A little boy yelling out to Arthur, "Rory!" and Arthur giving him a big smile and wave!
- Them working in one of the front upstairs rooms of the house.
- Oh, and an ood mask being carried out!

Ood Mask
So that was pretty exciting. (And the first monster related thing I've really seen on set!)

My thoughts*?
- I presume the man in black trousers and grey top was the man wearing the ood mask.
- I believe filming will continue at the cafe and Bute Esplanade (Simon was kind enough to drive us past and there were cones and a security guard there this evening, but nothing else) tomorrow. Hopefully there will be more and better photos then, because Bute Esplanade means exteriors!
- I do think it's just pick ups.

*These are just my random, fangirl-y ponderings, and aren't necessarily based on much.




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