Friday, 1 June 2012

#dwsr Hensol Castle - Part 2

Hensol Castle
I'm home now, unfortunately not with news that yes, Alex Kingston was on set jumping out of a heliocopter into the arms of Matt Smith and Dougray Scott. Sorry to disappoint.

But there was some Dougray Scott! Which was cool, even if I wasn't even convinced he was an actor when we saw him and my boyfriend (@gabundy) was certain he was Andrew Buchan (noted for starring opposite Matt Smith in 'Party Animals.') However twitter pretty quickly told us what's what, so thank you @chuckfoster, @CardiffTimelord, @Penny_Lope and @DTChick

A quick summary of the little we saw:

- Dougray Scott walking up the hill to the castle from the base, with a guard. He was wearing the same costume as he was pictured in the Daily Mail as wearing at Margam Park.
- Dougray Scott and Matt Smith having a chinwag on seats just outside the castle. 
- No heliocopter. I know it was reported on the tag, so it must have disappeared by 4pm.

There was very little to see in general, as we had to sit quite a distance away (and most of these pictures are only due to a decent zoom) and there was no exterior filming. Hopefully next time will be more visually stimulating!

Matt Smith and Dougray Scott, on location.
Dougray Scott walking to set.


  1. Is Alex Kingston going to be in this one they are filming at the moment

    1. Not as far I know. That was just a joke contrasting the sky high hopes you get about going to set reporting or reading about it (say, an unexpected Alex Kingston appearance) and the reality (a couple of blurry pictures taken from 100 feet away.) I'm sorry if I got your hopes up! xx