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#dwsr - Bute Town

Panorama of Bute Town. The actual street is a straight line, not on a corner however!
Wow! What a busy day yesterday was! Having discovered that "Bute Town" was actually a tiny, stunning village close to Rhymney rather than the easily accessible area in Cardiff Bay the day before we set off bright and early to catch a bus to Cardiff, train to Rhymney and then travelled in style by taxi down to Bute Town itself.

When we arrived the set had already been beautifully dressed. The wide street between the houses now had flower beds down the centre of it, gravel had been scattered over the tarmac, doors were hidden by candycane coloured curtains (red and white stripes), wires had been obscured by brown duct tape, beautiful iron wrought gates (actually made of balsa wood!) decorated one end of the street and proclaimed the village was called 'Sweetville' (leading to ten second hopes when reading it backwards of it actually being called 'Sweetieville' and being yet another River Song episode!) There was also set dressing of canvas sacks, carts and buckets. Finally there was a beautiful black horse pulling a pretty trap.

We were also asked to keep tweets and pictures to a minimum on twitter whilst we were there, so I apologise for my lack of updates during the day. This wasn't really aided by the fact that by 2pm my battery was already on 10%.

Quite a few different scenes were filmed. I'll attempt to outline each of them below.

1) A massive green screen was set up next to the village pub (which is lovely, by the way and very welcoming!) and then the horse and trap was driven along across the gates and then green screen. Two period extras walked either side of the flowers - one coming towards the gates, the other away:

2) The Doctor, Clara and Edmund walk up to the iron railings. They discuss a factory where nobody ever goes in and out. They also ran this scene with the horse and trap going past,

Curses of rain in Wales: the crew were constantly having to recurl Jenna's hair!

3) Diana Rigg's character, Mrs Gillyflower, walks along Sweetville's street with The Doctor and Clara. They go into a building at the end of the street.

Unfortunately after this point I began to feel quite ill and started to lose focus on proceedings. Slightly unfortunate as a lot of exciting things happened after dark! Luckily there were a lot of other set reporters around, including my boyfriend. He's given an account below. Please note that it is quite spoiler-y.

Eleven hours after we arrived at the location in Bute Town, the skies darkened and Jenna Louise Coleman left, to be replaced by A Good Man Goes To War's Jenny (Madam Vastra's *ahem* assistant) and she and Matt Smith began shooting a scene in which they had to search the foggy, dark, gaslit streets of Victorian Yorkshire for a seemingly missing Clara.

"But Doctor! Clara's dead!* The Ice Lady..." whispers Jenny, played by Catrin Stewart, to an enthusiastically searching Doctor. But the Doctor seems to think that it's not that simple... He seems to think that Clara will be found and the "process" reversed. 
After filming this same scene a number of times in the genuinely-Victorian-looking streets of Bute Town Catrin left again and, fifteen minutes to midnight, Jenna returned for one final scene - this time at the furthest end of the street, near the gates, but shooting towards where we were all standing. This meant we had to move around the side of the buildings, out of the line of sight of the cameras. This also meant we could see very little at all of this last scene. It didnt look too important however; just a few words at the gate then the Doctor and Clara running into the fog.
All in all, it was a great day. Tiring, wet, cold, but great fun!
by Gareth 
 * Luckily we've already seen Jenna Louise Coleman film scenes for episode 11 so all is not lost!

A local dog didn't think much of the set!
Mark Gatiss watched his episode
being filmed.

Outside the set was decorated with
Jenna Louise Coleman's period
costume was beautiful!

Matt Smith also got a new costume
- and an awesome hat!
Dame Diana Rigg came out to meet
the crew before she filmed her scenes.

Dame Diana Rigg filmed scenes
in Bute Town

Fact Box:
The episode is called The Crimson Horror
It is by Mark Gatiss
It is episode nine.
Cast includes: Matt Smith, Jenna Louise Coleman, Dame Diana Rigg, Rachael Stirling, Catrin Stewart, Neve McIntosh, Brendan Patricks
It is set in 1890 in Yorkshire
Directed by Saul Metzstein

These lovely people also have videos and pictures of the filming:

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  1. I also want to say thank you to the lovely locals of Bute Town. Especially the wonderful lady that welcomed us into her house many hours after filming had commenced and we were soggy, muddy and at the beginnings of grumpiness. She was absolutely wonderful!