Thursday, 9 August 2012

#dwsr - Fields House, Newport

It was our first proper day back in Wales yesterday, having travelled back from my mother's (Olympics!) the day before. Typically we ended up somewhere in Newport listening to people shout "Turning over!" and the like. Filming, but Doctor Who rather than anything as dodgy as that sentence could possibly suggest.

So what did we see? Not much in terms of plot (when are these rumoured zombie snowmen going to appear, eh?!) It was interiors, which means you only ever see people coming in and out or vague movements at some upstairs window.

And yet the day was still very exciting as we saw Madame Vastra (already confirmed by @ryanfarrr here), Commander Strax, Jenny and Clara (sadly I managed to miss seeing Matt Smith when he was around, but he was definitely there!) - perhaps they're still filming the Crimson Horror? Rather excitingly, this is definitely the Christmas Special as the gorgeous Tom Ward was also around. There were also two children dressed in white, Victorian-ish nightclothes, a younger boy and a slightly older girl with her hair in plaits. 

Vastra and Strax

Also, Liz White was recognised on set by @daniishep and @BBC_Fangirl. She appears to be playing a maid. 

Bits of the Tardis were also set up against the wall, and were later carried inside - presumably to be assembled for a scene within the house. 

Overall it was all a bit quiet. The owner's dog was running around, which was entertaining and Tom Ward deciding to walk back to the base (a few steps around the corner, and past us!) rather than take the car that everybody else was using made my day (and @BBC_Fangirl's, I suspect!) 

Tom Ward
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