Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Driving Test? Passed.

I've come online to be a bit self-applauding sadly. So, I'm sorry about that. Yesterday I managed to finally pass my driving test.

Not finally after attempt after attempt at the practical test: this was my first go at it.  Finally after believing I might never be able to. Last time I was learning to drive (when I was about the traditional age of 17/18) I was beginning to suffer from long-standing health problems more and more until the point I became unsafe to drive and had to give up. After that I was never certain my eyes would ever improve enough for my to learn this skill. And I'll be honest, unsurprisingly it got me down a lot - I knew my mother was in ever diminishing health and soon wouldn't be able to drive and I wanted to be able to help her; when my boyfriend got a job out of the range of buses I wanted to be able to drive him there and again couldn't; and also as much for myself - I'm very aware of my independence and/or lack of it after spending two years basically in my bedroom and it nagged at me that I lacked the freedom a car allowed.

That's all passed now; I'm healthier than I've been in ages, I'll soon be looking for a car, and I've actually achieved something material - and that feels pretty good considering the last time I did that were my illness-botched AS/A Levels.

So that's all good.

In blog related notes: I know I still haven't said anything about the long since past Bristol filming. I'm rubbish. I do intend to put something up but I still haven't finished sorting out the photos. But hey! The fact I can drive plus a car? Until I get a job (which is my next obsessive focus point) there should be a bit more in the way of dwsr-ing. 

In driving related notes: this man is ace. Really glad he was my teacher. Gave me far more confidence than I ever expected. Thoroughly recommend him if you want to learn to drive in Cardiff or the surrounding area. So that's good too.