Thursday, 11 October 2012


"I sign and sign but the line doesn't end, wake me up tomorrow let's do it again." - or has nobody listened to that Andy Murray classic..?

I've been really lucky the last two days to get autographs from both Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman. They were both absolutely lovely about it - the first day it was drizzling and the pen slid on the photo and Matt turned it over and signed it on the back unasked, which I thought was really nice of him.

I was too scared/nervous to tell her
 how to spell my name!
Yesterday both of them came down the line of fans so I was fortunate enough to get both their signatures (though I was sadly less prepared, only having my notebook which I was using to scrawl down dialogue) Jenna was particularly sweet that day - the girl next to me asked for a 'cwtch' (the Welsh word for a cuddle) and Jenna looked quite confused until it was explained. The girl got one too! Lovely moment.

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