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#dwsr - Barry, re-entry!

So having missed the last few days of filming in Newport due to family commitments I was incredibly (far too) excited to be called by @AmiiCRUSH because she'd spotted Doctor Who filming at the Pumphouse in Barry. Buoyed by tales of a Sontaran driving a horse and cart, we set off.
The "window"/house front prop and Strax.

When we arrived it appeared to be quite a small set up - just Dan Starkey as Commander Strax, a young boy and the horse and cart. There was also the prop of a front window of a house - at the time it reminded me of the windows we saw in Bute Town, Rhymney but having looked back at Gareth's photos from the day at Bute Town, there was no real resemblance.

 Photo taken at Bute Town, Rhymney.

Strax appeared to be attempting to travel to Sweetville (the Yorkshire village where The Crimson Horror is set) but managed to get lost on the way. He exclaims to the horse,
STRAX: Horse! You have failed in your mission. We are lost - with no sign of Sweetville! If you have any last words before your systematic execution, let's have them!
He then engages in conversation with a small boy in period dress. Thomas Thomas exclaims,
THOMAS THOMAS: I like your horse, mister!
It's safe to assume that the Sontaran then asks for directions to Sweetville (I couldn't catch the dialogue here) as the boy then launches into a description of how to get there,
THOMAS THOMAS: Sweetville sir? Turn around and end of the road turn left, then right.. (more directions follow)
The directions are long enough and complicated enough for the boy to jump into the cart, presumably to show Strax the way to the village.

The Pumphouse, Barry.
This was all filmed up against the brick of the Pumphouse. The building looks like it would make a good stand in for Mrs Gillyflower's (Diana Rigg) mysterious factory. It was originally built in the 1880's and we know the date of the episode is 1890.

Later they filmed a short scene of Strax walking up the Pumphouse and looking upwards to the chimney, before placing his hands on the brick of the wall. My boyfriend speculates that he's planning on climbing it.

Filming the scene. 

They were wrapped by 10.30pm. It seemed like these were just some short extra scenes - either additional scenes because the episode is running under, scenes they couldn't film at the time, or pick ups where we just missed the original filming entirely. Always great to see a Sontaran a few foot away from you though!

Strax, played by Dan Starkey, wearing a coat over
his armor.
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