Tuesday, 9 October 2012

#dwsr - Beatty Avenue, Day 2

Just scrawling this down quickly before I head to bed. It's been a long day (despite knocking off two hours early) without very much happening. We arrived at Beatty Avenue for the second consecutive day of Doctor Who filming there late afternoon,  where they were filming The Doctor's arrival scene. Jenna Louise Coleman wasn't there when this scene was being done (she arrived later) so a crew member was reading out her lines. He read them in a very flat, monotone way and the lines themselves are very repetitive. @ryanfarrr tweeted the audible dialogue:

The Doctor at the door.
They also filmed the Tardis arrival scene, using a massive fan blowing the autumnal leaves they had scattered over the road. @gabundy's video of it is below:

Dressing the street.

At one point Matt Smith came over to do autographs, and this time I was lucky enough to get a photo of @gabundy's (from Margam Park!) signed by him. Sadly the photo was already slippery from the drizzle so the pen didn't write very well on it, but he was kind enough to also sign on the back. I was quite excited about that, as that's the first time I've personally had an autograph from Matt Smith (or anyone, I believe.) I'll add a picture to the blog at some point, but right now it's still in the boot of the car. He seemed to be in quite a jovial mood - even attempting to sign the saddles of soaking wet bicycles when children asked him. People seemed quite prepared this time - there were lots of annuals and a 'When's the Doctor' book floating around.

After Jenna Louise Coleman arrived they filmed yet more takes of the scene I described yesterday. However it was far more lit than last night, with another light on a crane providing the extra luminescence. The dialogue seemed identical, as were the clothes.

The final scene I saw filmed today was of an empty street. However, they had a massive crane directing a beam of light across the street similar to how a searchlight would function. At the same time they were using a very large fan to blow the vegetation (severely, the trees were bending right over) - the total effect was as if a helicopter was flying over the street.

Matt Smith and director
Colm McCarthy
Unfortunately we weren't in a good position to see very much by the end, as they had moved the crowds clear of the majority of the street as they were doing wide shots, and as I was feeling somewhat under the weather (and pretty cold, Cardiff is still freezing.) I elected to drag the boyfriend and myself home after that.

Tardis lights shine through the tarpaulin.

P.S. The cat is called Phoebe.

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