Saturday, 13 October 2012

#dwsr - Beatty Avenue, Day 4

So that was a damp squib of a day! The final day of filming at Beatty Avenue and there really was absolutely nothing to see. When we arrived they were filming interior scenes and this continued up to them wrapping at the end of the day (say between 9pm and 10pm) I'll comment on what little we saw in bullet points (there wasn't enough to make paragraphs out of it!):

View into nursery/playroom. 

- The large room on the first floor at the front of the house appeared to be dressed as a nursery. There were a lot of children's toys in the window. This supports the idea of Clara being a governess/au pair. At quiet moments the crew were making Winnie the Pooh wave at us! We saw a light bulb flickering at one point.

Matt Smith gave us a thumbs up!

- Some of the interior action seemed to be taking place in the attic room of the house (believed to be Clara's bedroom.) Smoke appeared to be coming off the house during those scenes. At one point Matt Smith poked his head out of one of the attic windows and gave us all a wave!

- A young girl was witnessed leaving the set. She looked about 14/15, and was wearing a large patterned maroon jumper, small blue denim shorts and maroon tights.

Richard Madden of "Game of Thrones" fame.

- Richard Madden was on set. We haven't a clue whether he has a role in this episode or was visiting his girlfriend, Jenna Louise Coleman. Both Matt and Jenna gave him a hug. Well done @BBC_Fangirl and @Mugim0e for piecing together who he is!

Matt surrounded by fans!

- When they finished Matt and Jenna came out to do autographs while waiting for their car to arrive. There was a large crowd of people and they got absolutely mobbed! They seemed to take it very happily though, and were all smiles.

Jenna keeping warm in a massive coat!

Gareth Rees has posted some lovely pictures of the day in his Facebook album. There's an especially nice one of Matt looking out of the attic window.

Lee has a nice set of photos on his flickr account - including some very clear ones of Richard Madden.

Rhys has a great picture of Jenna Louise Coleman clutching her fluffy purple hot water bottle. It can be viewed here.

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