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#dwsr Snow strikes Bristol in August!

Snow covered Bristol!
So my partner, my friends and myself had a little holiday in Bristol. A little holiday where I scarpered back to hotels and to kindly donated back seats of cars to fall asleep at 3am. A little holiday where we mostly watched a lot of Doctor Who being filmed. A little holiday that was two months ago now, sorry about that.

Signs used as set dressing.
I've been so slow getting around to typing up the filming I've forgotten most of the finer details, sadly. However it looked gorgeous because it was dressed in snow, there were Victorian costumes and it was pretty exciting because it was all for the Christmas episode of Doctor Who (the next one to air, now!)

Jenna Louise Coleman
They filmed over two days on the 20th and 21st of August, and both days were absolutely manic due to the all the fans that had massed to catch a glimpse of Matt Smith and the new companion (this being her first episode in the televised chronology - bar her appearance as Oswin in Asylum of the Daleks; Jenna's first episode that she filmed was Phantoms of the Hex, which is slated currently as episode 11. She filmed it in late May.)

Jenna Louise Coleman's stunt
Unfortunately it was very hard to get good photos on the first day as the streets were so packed that there were three people in front you wherever you were stood (and normally 6'0" men. When you're a hopeful 5'3", you're not going to see very much.) The paps were far cleverer than us and brought ladders. So I spent some time trying to listen to dialogue and then I fell over a bollard backwards trying to spot something on a roof. I think at some point I got grumpy and went to bed (I'd caught the train from the south coast of England to get to Bristol that day, as I'd had a hospital appointment that morning.)

I vaguely remember:
Matt Smith as The Doctor in the
They covered the main, long street with snow and then set up market stalls towards the end of it. They had a lot of Victorian dressed extras milling around. A horse drawn carriage drives up the street with Clara running up along behind it, trying to get to it. She attempts to jump on the cart, slips and falls. The Doctor is inside the carriage.

They also filmed a scene in a small side street. The following dialogue was heard:

The small side street where the
scene was filmed.
The Doctor didn't seem to want to have anything to do with Clara, actively shunning her and keeping his distance. I seem to remember it was Commander Strax (the Sontaran) that was saying "Merry Christmas."

The 21st August at Portland Square was a far superior day in my opinion - filming was far easier to watch. The majority of it was based inside a large fenced off green, so all the fans gathered around the edges of it - watching eagerly through the bars! At one point Matt ran round the entire the circle doing autographs!

Matt Smith signing autographs.

Jenna Louise Coleman yawning!

There were several different scenes filmed. I've numbered them for the convenience of writing them down - obviously it is not the actual scene number or any indication of where they will appear in the episode.

Scene 1:
Clara is shouting for the Doctor and is jumping and trying to grab something above her. Jenny (Madame Vastra's assistant, playing by Catrin Stewart) enters the scene and asks what she is doing. Dialogue and video is below.

Jenna Louise Coleman and Catrin Stewart as Clara and Jenny.

(She jumps, trying to grab something.)
Jenny enters the scene. (Director's cue: Catrin!)
JENNY: What are you doing?!
Clara turns around to face Jenny.
CLARA: I'm looking for the Doctor. Do you know about him? 
JENNY: Doctor Who?

Jumping Jenna!
Note that Jenna Louise Coleman is wearing a green dress, whereas in the scenes below she is wearing a red one. She's also wearing the same red dress for the scenes in Corn Street (the first day of filming in Bristol.)

Scene 2:
Scaffolding was set up in Portland Square.

The Doctor running!
At this point they had a great deal of scaffolding set up. It was supporting some kind of platform. The characters had to climb a ladder to get up to it. The Doctor strolls up to the scaffolding, whistling "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" (Again vague memories but I think sometimes he alternated festive tunes in the different takes.) He looks around and turns full circle - perhaps to see if anyone is watching him. He runs, jumping up to grab the edge of the ladder, pulling it down to the ground. He then climbs up the ladder.

Scene 3:
Clara fallen in the snow.
Clara is hiding behind a tree, watching The Doctor as he climbs up the ladder. She waits for him to be on the platform and then starts to cautiously walk across to the scaffolding. She's turns around several times, looking up to where the ladder must be stored. She throws her stole to the ground and starts to jump, trying to grab for the ladder. While jumping she falls over, landing flat on her bum on the snowy ground. She picks herself up and jumps again: this time she manages to catch hold of the ladder and lets her own weight pull it from its holds before she pulls it the rest of the way to the ground. She climbs the ladder.

Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman
Clearly scenes two and three seem to lead into each other. It was a gorgeous night of filming - it was great to watch both Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman, as well as see Catrin Stewart again! (Vastra and Jenny are also back for The Crimson Horror, a later episode in series seven.) I've popped a few more random images at the end of this blog that I haven't managed to fit in - I really need to sort out a gallery soon!

Portland Square dressed for Christmas.

Market stall set up on Corn Street.

More market stalls set up on Corn Street.

Matt Smith has his costume adjusted.

Jenna Louise Coleman reads through her script.

Clara hiding behind a tree.

Jenna enjoying a hot beverage between takes.

Matt Smith in Victorian dress!

Jenna waiting for "Action!" to be called.

Clara pulls a ladder down.

Jenna Louise Coleman

Jenna Louise Coleman

Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Clara behind the tree.

You can see more photos on Ryan's Flickr and Youtube channel.
Lee also has a set of photos on Flickr.

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