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TV vs Set Reports.

I started writing this blog in March and by May I was detailing my observations of watching Doctor Who filming, with my boyfriend and friends, across Wales. In the months that have past Series 7a(/'part one of series 7'/'the 2012 series'/'The Ponds' final episodes' or however you want to call it) has aired, so I've decided to spend some more time procrastinating (It's this or my CV, and Facebook games are getting dull..) and comparing what we saw to the episodes that have aired so far.

Pond Life:
As Pond Life was mostly filmed in the Ponds' house on Church Road, Penarth we really didn't get very much other than Arthur Darvill's various costumes. Here's my 'still* versus set report' selection:

Pond Life: Part 1
Arthur Darvill in costume for Pond Life

Pond Life: Part 3
Ood head being carried out of the Ponds' house.

Pond Life: Part 4
Arthur Darvill in costume for Pond Life Part 4
 (with the top zipped up.) 

Pond Life: Part 5
Matt Smith fiddling with the Tardis light.

Pond Life: Part 5
The Doctor phones the Ponds.

Pond Life: Part 5
The Doctor walks away from the Ponds' House
in the pouring rain.

Set report for the Ood and Arthur is here; Matt on the phone (along with a bit of 'The Power of Three' and the Asylum extra) can be found here.

The iTunes prequel for 'Asylum of the Daleks':
I wasn't around in Wales for the majority of filming for 7a - I caught the extras such as this Prequel and Pond Life and 'The Power of Three' filming (because it went on and on and on!) I really enjoyed seeing this little extra bit filmed because I got to see Barnaby Edwards (who plays the messenger) - who is an absolute legend on Twitter (oh, and Doctor Who!) The part we saw filmed was at the Plan Cafe in Cardiff.

The Doctor in the Asylum of the Daleks prequel.
Matt Smith, scone in hand!

The Messenger and The Doctor
Barnaby Edwards and Matt Smith.

Set report for the Plan Cafe is here.

The Power of Three:
For one reason or another they had to film a lot of picks ups for 'The Power of Three' (or 'Cubed' as I still mentally refer to it, that being the name we called it during filming.) so there was a lot to watch!

The Ponds' Garden
View from the back.

The Doctor outside the Ponds' examining a cube.
Matt with a cube on a playground frame.

The Doctor and a cube.
Facing the Ponds'.

UNIT storm the Ponds'!
UNIT outside the Ponds' house.

Amy at her anniversary party.
Party guests!
Amy's gorgeous hair-do.

Rory mocks Brian's log.
Arthur Darvill in maroon jumper and jeans.

Brian Williams dressed for the party!
Mark Williams heading to the car.

The horrific twins!
The twins hid their faces walking to the van - we never
guessed at the prosthetics hidden under their hands!

The Doctor has his heart restarted by Amy Pond!
Matt Smith at the hospital.

Set reports: Unit storm the Ponds'The Doctor and the cubes. Apparently I never got round to blogging the last day of Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan! I'm sorry about that.

My conclusions? Set reporting is absolutely rubbish for knowing the story-line of an episode. Especially if you're just going on the pictures that are taken on the day. It's absolutely brilliant for having a laugh, seeing some actors you like to watch on the telly, and wasting hours of your time thinking up outlandish theories. And teasing yourself slightly (and sometimes a bit more than slightly, I admit: The Crimson Horror shows that much!) I'm not planning on stopping any time soon.

*Obviously all stills are copyright of the BBC.

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