Friday, 9 November 2012

#dwsr - Castell Coch, Part 2

Just a short post, very little to add to yesterday's blog on the Doctor Who filming (with the new Cybermen!) at Castell Coch!

We popped over to the castle this afternoon and unfortunately there was little to see compared to yesterday. Here are a few short points about it:

- We heard that Warwick Davis was inside the castle, filming a scene with Jenna Louise Coleman. 
- We heard (twenty, thirty minutes after that) that Jenna and 'Will' (we don't know who that is, but it was definitely 'Will', not 'Warwick' and we believe Warwick's character name is Porridge, due to the photo of the lost script) were running around the gantry with something firing from the courtyard and squibs were going off.
- We saw two extras dressed as Cybermen - sans helmets - grabbing tea.
- I managed to grab a few names of the other attractions at Hedgewicks World: Spacey Zoomer Ride, Mushroom World, Viewing Tower, Hotel, Sand Dunes, The Beach, Peak Hotel (depicted high up in the mountains), Boating Lake, The Terrible Stomach, Media Centre. I also believe there was a water ride and a ghost train, but I'm not sure about the exact names. Netty Longshoe's Castle is in the centre of the map.
- Matt Smith was not on location.

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