Monday, 11 February 2013

Dogs and, er, shit.

I've just had a bath. It wasn't a very satisfactory bath, but I did at least get to browse Facebook on my phone. And Facebook pushed me towards thinking about how to make dog owners pick up their darlings' shit.
I had a brainwave. (Or, when I read this back in the morning sober from the freezing bath, a brainfart.) Could you not put dog poo bag dispensers next to the bins you put dog poo in? And charge a couple of pence a bag so you can pretend the scheme breaks even?
Because while some dog owners will never be helped, I expect some might pick stuff up, if they had something to pick it up with. Occasionally when I've taken my dogs out they've done a dollop too many and then it's all kinds of awkwardness trying to work out how to solve the offending item's.. offensiveness. So it'd help with the guessing-the-amount-of-bags-you'll-need conundrum (a particular issue when you're low on pockets or have foul pockets that aren't designed to actually carry anything.)
The bags could be renewed at the same time as the dog poo bins are being emptied.
I imagine there are a hundred flaws to this problem. But shush now, in my head I've solved every walker/pram-pusher/wheelchair-owner's street problem. And that's a pleasant way to drift off to sleep.