Wednesday, 27 March 2013

#Setlock - Newport, Kebab Shop

Just a quick post today, seeing as not much happened and I'm absolutely shattered.

Location: Adonis Kebabs, Commercial Road, Newport.
Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington.

Yesterday's filming was a surprise. It's rare we find filming two days running so I was enjoying a restful day. Then SV signs (standing for Sue Vertue, the producer and Moffat's wife) were spotted all over Newport and that was that. The first location was St Woollos Cemetery but unfortunately by the time we were aware of them they were already packing up.

Up next? A kebab shop in a busy, grimy bit of Newport. Obviously because they were filming inside it was harder to see and hear what was going on, although voices did float on to the street quite clearly because they were shouting. They'd also taken over the hairdresser's next door and were using that as a base. This was where all the monitors were and where cast and crew hung out between takes.

From what we can make out, John and Mary were stopping off from a night out for a kebab. From their attire I'd speculate they'd been to a black tie event, opera, the theatre or the ballet. Martin was wearing a tidy suit (with a dark scarf strung around his neck) and Amanda was wearing black tights, a sparky black dress - about knee length, black heels and a large, furry, black bolero. Martin was also sporting a moustache. Obviously fake seeing as he was clean shaven yesterday and I doubt he has werewolf genes. He kept fiddling with it between takes. In the scene John and Sherlock are angry, shouting at each other. The only really audible word was "..secret.." Towards the end of the scene John headbutts Sherlock (full force, the first time I saw it I gasped because I wasn't expecting it.) Sherlock starts dabbing at his nose as if it's bleeding, after that.

They then filmed what was presumably the following scene. Sherlock and Mary are stood outside the kebab shop, amicably chatting, while Watson stands a little way away trying to hail a cab. They had to use the police to stop the roads at this point, because even past midnight there was a fair bit of traffic. They had a proper, shiny London taxi cab for this. While they wait Mary is apologetic saying to Sherlock "I'm so sorry." He replies "Don't worry, this is normal." Mary: "I'll have a word with him, if you like." They seem quite pally and friendly, and continue to chat inaudibly. The cab drives along and Watson hails it, talking to the driver a moment before opening the rear door of the taxi. He looks across at Mary and Sherlock and waits a while. Eventually he shouts a clipped "Mary!" and she says her goodbyes and rushes over. They get in the taxi and it drives off. Sherlock looks into the distance for a long time and then turns and walks down the street, still dabbing his nose. End of scene.

It was bitterly cold out again. I felt very sorry for them all just to be wearing costume. They'll have gone home with frostbite. Between takes they had coats wrapped around their shoulders, and Benedict and Martin waited outside for a while drinking hot drinks and having a laugh. Benedict was also bouncing up and down, trying to keep his circulation going.

Eventually the cold got too much for us and we headed home. I'm so cold and shattered I doubt I'll be desperately looking out for filming today. Besides, I need more bloody petrol.

Re photos: my computer is still awaiting parts. This good because I can let myself write my blog warm in bed, but rubbish for adding pictures. I'll try and borrow the boyfriend's iPad or his mother's laptop later and add some. I'll tweet an update if I do, I'm @tlchimera on Twitter.. @ryanfarrr has tweeted some lovely pictures as it is.
There's also now a video, also by Ryan, it's brilliant and can see it here.


  1. This keepd bugging me: if this was the scene where Sherlock and John are reunited, why would Mary and Shelock be in such good terms? Like they've been in touch before..

    1. When I was watching it I felt similarly. The camaraderie was unusually strong for people that had just met.

    2. This is not the scene where they reunite. Mary won't appear until the second episode (The Sign of Three).

    3. Can I ask where you got this information from? Because they're filming the first episode and I've seen Amanda Abbington film for it at least twice ^^