Thursday, 28 March 2013

#Setlock - A normal set reporting day.

I suspect you've noticed we've had a couple of really good set reporting days since Sherlock started filming exteriors. This is quite unusual. It'd be more par for the course if it had been raining, there'd been nothing to see, and nowhere to hide from the elements. #Setlock caught up with itself yesterday.

Driving into Cardiff my boyfriend commented, "Is that blossom?" "No, it's snow." I replied, flicking on the wipers. Snow is pretty but the cold and wetness is rarely appreciated when you stand on the same spot for four hours straight. We met up with friends and eventually drove off to see the location. We parked, and wandered up to a building covered in scaffolding. Some lights were rigged to shine into the flat. A couple of fans were outside, and a lone security guard. Not the normal hustle and bustle of a filming location. It was clear they were filming inside the flats.

Interior filming is rubbish. The only time you can see the stars is when they're leaving, you won't see the actual filming and how that works (one of my absolute favourite things about set reporting) and obviously there's nothing to see when it comes to spoilers.

So we left. We were tired from two late nights, cold, tempers were high, and we didn't want to stand out in the snow for very little reason.
I've only blogged this so you can see that Monday's filming at Bristol is absolutely amazing but not the norm.

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  1. Hey, how did you figure out the location in Cardiff?