Tuesday, 23 April 2013

TV vs Set Reports: The Snowmen

So here's the first of a series of posts that I will try to do over the next couple of weeks. People moan about how spoiler-y set reports are and how there's 'barely any point watching the episode after reading them.' I have a grumpy habit, and that's disputing that point of view. Yes, set reports are spoiler-y, but they've never ruined an episode for me and I've seen quite a lot of filming, now! So I like to contrast what we saw where we found filming and how the episode turned out. You might have guessed by now that it's surprisingly little, even for the episodes we saw a lot (for instance this episode, 'The Snowmen', and 'The Crimson Horror') Plus to balance it out we didn't see any filming for either 'The Rings of Akhaten' or 'Cold War' as they were mainly filmed in the studio.

Anyway, too much waffle. Onwards!

All stills are copyright to the BBC. All set report photos were taken by my boyfriend, @gabundy.

This was filmed at Treowen Manor, Monmouth. We visited the
location whilst they were filming but the grounds were closed. We're
stood outside somewhere, encountering sheep bones in the path.
Obviously we didn't see anything.
Bristol, Corn Street:

We watched them filming in this alley way. It was so packed that you
couldn't see anything. We did make out a little bit of dialogue. "Take
her back where you found her
." "Not my problem. Merry Christmas."

Picture from set.

When they set up we had fake snow falling all over us. It was
very pretty. They originally filmed it so that Clara chased after the
carriage and fell over. All of this was cut in post production and
Clara hanging upside down in the carriage was added.

Picture from the set. Clara's stunt double was used
for running after the carriage.

Picture from the set.

Picture from the set.

Picture from the set.
Fields House, Newport:

I remember us standing outside Fields House with a few other fans
being highly unconvinced that the maid was Liz White while others
were arguing passionately that she was. Of course they were right
(my celeb spotting skills are rubbish. Not handy for this hobby.)

Picture from the set.
Bristol, Corn Street:

I believe this is when we heard the dialogue. They filmed this after
they filmed the Clara parts of the scenes in the alley way.
Bristol, Portland Square:
Blog: Snow strikes Bristol in August!

This was an amazing day of filming. Freezing cold, went on late into
the night but so good to watch. It was filmed in a park (recently
used for Sherlock filming, as well) with fences all around it, so fans
just stood the whole way around and openly gawped.

Picture from the set. It looked
much prettier once all the
scaffolding had been removed in
the edit.

Picture from the set.

Picture from the set.

Picture from the set.

Picture from the set.

This was filmed before the scenes where Clara is in the red dress, so
 they could use the daylight. The director wasn't happy with this scene
 and made them do a lot of times until the point you could see they
were becoming uneasy about dusk settling in.

Picture from the set.

Picture from the set.

 We overheard this dialogue:
(She jumps, trying to grab something.)
Jenny enters the scene. (Director's cue: Catrin!)
JENNY: What are you doing?!
Clara turns around to face Jenny.
CLARA: I'm looking for the Doctor. Do you know about him? 
JENNY: Doctor Who?

Picture from the set.
Fields House, Newport:

Obviously this filming was interiors so we didn't see any filming,
hear any dialogue etc. We did however get to see the actors
arrive at and leave the set, which was cool.

Cathays Cemetery, Cardiff
Blog: Cathays Cemetery

I felt really sorry for (the gorgeous) Tom Ward. He only had a very
tiny moment in this scene so did an awful amount of hanging around
(I still haven't got used to seeing celebrities/very gorgeous men
hanging around close to me [oh, sorry, obviously other than my
boyfriend..!] and was far too nervous to ask for an autograph.) 

Tom Ward.

We wondered if this girl was important for a long time. It was the
only time we saw her, but one of the few times we'd seen someone
be pally with Clara. She wasn't.

Jenna tried on loads of different outfits for this tiny moment. Pictures
on the original blog post.

And that's it! For an episode that it seemed like we saw an awful amount of filming for we didn't see an awful lot. We never saw Richard E Grant, I never saw the Snowmen (friends did, I was away typically.) so we knew nothing about the main threat of the episode. We did see "GI" on the carriage, but didn't realise it meant "Great Intelligence." And yet the glimpses we did get, the scenes we heard and saw acted out in front of us like an amazing science-fiction street play just fed the love I have for Doctor Who. I think very little could spoil that.

Next time: Bells of St John!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

#Doctor Who - Set Reports

Hi there!

I do intend to do a full 'TV vs Set Reports' (the link takes you to where I compare what we saw to what was on screen for the Ponds' final episodes.) for the first Clara series, but I'm in the middle of a Discworld board game tournament with my boyfriend, and some things just take greater precedence(!) So I figured I'd just link to my set reports for the episodes we've seen so far.

The Snowmen:
Snow strikes Bristol in August!
Fields House - Newport (I think I imported the pictures from Twitter, who have kindly deleted them. Will try to replace them as soon as I can.)
Cathays Cemetery

The Bells of St John:
Beatty Avenue
Beatty Avenue, Day 2
Beatty Avenue, Day 3
Beatty Avenue, Day 4

Jenna Louise Coleman on her first
ever day of Doctor Who!
The Rings of Akhaten:
None :(

Cold War:
None :(

Hensol Castle
Hensol Castle - Part 2

More information on Hide:
We also visited Plas Llanmihangel, and were lucky enough to get the first ever picture of Jenna Louise Coleman filming on her first ever day of Doctor Who. We didn't have such a cool camera at that point!

Matt and Jenna. Photo by @gabundy.
They also filmed at Margam Park for this episode. I'm not quite sure why I didn't blog about this, as I have plenty of pictures. Presumably I was (shock horror!) too busy (or too lazy. It's often this sadly.) We also visited Gethin Woods, where they filmed all the forest-y scenes, including the Crooked Man. Unfortunately they were so deep in the woods, we couldn't get there without transport and I wasn't driving at that point! So all we saw were the 'loc' and 'base' signs. Bit gutted about that!

Victorian couple. Photo by @gabundy.
Matt Smith. Photo by @gabundy.
Matt Smith. Photo by @gabundy.