Monday, 15 April 2013

A Day in Cardiff

My boyfriend and I had a day out in Cardiff today. I'd won free tickets to 'Olympus has Fallen' so we decided to make a day of it. The day apparently being seeing just how much filming dominates Cardiff. Wandering towards the pub we saw Casualty filming:

Casualty filming in central Cardiff.

Setting up.

Location sign.
At the time there were three extras dressed as buskers outside 'The Black Horse' (usually the Owain Glyndwr) and then we heard "bang, bang, bang" shouted. We then went and grabbed a meal and did some shopping. Being twitter addicts we knew Doctor Who was filming at the museum so we decided to mosey along, despite knowing it would be interiors.

So we had a nice hour in the park whilst they were at lunch, getting to see the new location signs Doctor Who seem to be using (pictured above.) And then four SAs (supporting artists, also referred to as extras) dressed as UNIT soldiers arrived:

And after the extras arrive of course so do the main artists. Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman drew up shortly after and rushed into the museum.

Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman

Matt Smith
We then headed back to the pub as we'd met up with a friend, and saw Casualty continue to film:

Casualty ambulances: conspicuous in their lack of Welsh.

I love Cardiff. 

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