Sunday, 21 April 2013

#Doctor Who - Set Reports

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I do intend to do a full 'TV vs Set Reports' (the link takes you to where I compare what we saw to what was on screen for the Ponds' final episodes.) for the first Clara series, but I'm in the middle of a Discworld board game tournament with my boyfriend, and some things just take greater precedence(!) So I figured I'd just link to my set reports for the episodes we've seen so far.

The Snowmen:
Snow strikes Bristol in August!
Fields House - Newport (I think I imported the pictures from Twitter, who have kindly deleted them. Will try to replace them as soon as I can.)
Cathays Cemetery

The Bells of St John:
Beatty Avenue
Beatty Avenue, Day 2
Beatty Avenue, Day 3
Beatty Avenue, Day 4

Jenna Louise Coleman on her first
ever day of Doctor Who!
The Rings of Akhaten:
None :(

Cold War:
None :(

Hensol Castle
Hensol Castle - Part 2

More information on Hide:
We also visited Plas Llanmihangel, and were lucky enough to get the first ever picture of Jenna Louise Coleman filming on her first ever day of Doctor Who. We didn't have such a cool camera at that point!

Matt and Jenna. Photo by @gabundy.
They also filmed at Margam Park for this episode. I'm not quite sure why I didn't blog about this, as I have plenty of pictures. Presumably I was (shock horror!) too busy (or too lazy. It's often this sadly.) We also visited Gethin Woods, where they filmed all the forest-y scenes, including the Crooked Man. Unfortunately they were so deep in the woods, we couldn't get there without transport and I wasn't driving at that point! So all we saw were the 'loc' and 'base' signs. Bit gutted about that!

Victorian couple. Photo by @gabundy.
Matt Smith. Photo by @gabundy.
Matt Smith. Photo by @gabundy.

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