Thursday, 18 April 2013

#dwsr: Chepstow Castle

Chepstow Castle
I've been 'doing' driving the last few days. Again. This always means I've either been to my mother's or something cool is filming somewhere. Yesterday that something cool was the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who (title unconfirmed, though rumours suggest is may potentially be called 'Generations' although I don't know the veracity of this.)

Typically a hospital appointment prevented us arriving before the castle closed, so we didn't get to witness the events inside. Luckily an awesome tweeter managed to capture the events inside the castle. I'm sure you've seen @HWBCymru's picture of the two doctors, Tardis and Zygons, considering how amazing it is, but if not: you can view it here. We got to meet her when we were at the castle and she was lovely enough to show us the picture and tell us who was inside: more than enough incentive to stick around!

Jenna Louise Coleman (Clara) and Joanna Page (Queen Elizabeth I?)
exit the castle.

Joanna Page
We stood watching the closed castle doors, willing them to open just so we could get a peak at what was going on inside. Loads of fans had gathered and it was a lovely atmosphere with children playing on the castle grounds and dogs running around. Soon enough Jenna Louise Coleman came out, wrapped up warm in the new coats they've kitted everyone out with. She was lovely and signed everybody's pictures, papers and items they'd brought with them and chatted away. At the same time Jenna was signing autographs, Joanna Page walked past wearing her full Elizabethan regalia.

Jenna Louise Coleman signs autographs.
Jenna Louise Coleman.
David Tennant and Matt Smith sign autographs and chat, whilst
John Hurt exits the castle.
Matt Smith
And then: excitement! Matt Smith, John Hurt and David Tennant all came out pretty much at the same time. Nobody knew where to look! John Hurt looked so dignified in his Elizabethan clothes, and this was the first time I'd ever seen David Tennant (full on Scottish and gorgeous) and then Matt Smith basically is my doctor considering I've adored him in the series and seen so much of it filmed. I think everyone was so momentarily confused and excited that John Hurt walked right past us before we'd gathered ourselves and people started to queue for autographs. Both the doctors stayed out a long time and were really friendly and nice to everyone.

Matt and David sign autographs for the children in the crowd.

David Tennant signs a fan!
And then, as soon as it had happened it was over! But the base (all the vans that they store props in, the cast trailers, the costume and make up van, the lighting  vans etc) was still there, even after we came out from the pub a good hour or so later. For nothing to have moved but the cast and crew to have gone is decidedly unusual so we surmised they'd be back tomorrow: and this time we'd make sure we got there in plenty of time.

Yeah, we surmised wrong. That happens sometimes, and luckily for us the trip wasn't wasted because we got to see them packing up from yesterday and Eccleston/Tennant's Tardis was still set up. It looks so small and dull-coloured after seeing Matt Smith's everywhere! We also saw a lot of orange/red-toned netting and natural looking materials being taken out of one of the castle's towers. It appeared to be the kind of thing that would be hanging from walls/lying on the floor in a Zygon space ship. It looked a little bit like tentacles/seaweed.

Tardis and 'Zygon stuff'(?)
We've just found out they've been in Puzzlewood today. I guess you win some and you lose some (and when you're losing out and still getting your photo taken in front of the Tardis that is not a bad day!)

Edit: Later we found out there weren't even at Puzzlewood - it was a new show for the BBC called Atlantis! Where were they? An unsolved mystery.

An extra dressed in a priest's costume. Perhaps Ten is finally marrying Elizabeth I!?
There were two extras dressed as soldiers at the location.


  1. Really great to have bumped into you lot yesterday. That pic of David Tennant and Matt Smith would never have been put on twitter if you lot never asked :). Hope to see you around again!! Fab pics, btw, and I must get them pics of me off you...just to frame and adore

    1. Hi! It was lovely to meet you, thank you so much for sharing your pictures on twitter. I think Laura (@BBC_Fangirl) had more pictures of you and Tennant but I'll drop her a line and get your email off her and send you whatever we do have :D

  2. oh wow again:) love reading your blogs. hey I know the chance is too small but if you EVER get a chance and you've got your own ...could you get me an autograph from Both ? I know slim chance..I'd be forever grateful..sad person I am in middle of China!!!!!! Ann

    1. I've been trying! The second day we went up we were armed with stuff to sign (the first day was a rush job, leaving straight for the hospital so I had nothing on me sadly.) Hopefully we'll catch them again soon! Love xx