Thursday, 4 April 2013

#dwsr - Tardis at Gelligaer Common

We trekked today into the mysterious lands of single track roads where "maerlambs" (as the Welsh boyfriend calls young sheep) roam and snow still lies on the ground. We were hunting, you see, hunting rare boxes with perfect blue hues.

..Well, I didn't catch one (as in, I wasn't allowed to shove the Tardis into the car and erect it in our bedroom.) However I did catch a glimpse of it across the hilly grassland of Gelligaer Common. Sadly we arrived too late to see the helicopter circling around it (Me and Sat Navs/maps/remembering routes? Rubbish.) However we did get to see a lot of action involving Jenna Louise Coleman, her stunt double, a motorbike and the Tardis.

The Tardis was at the bottom of a sloping road, and as far as you can see it was just deserted countryside. Very pretty, very atmospheric. We first saw Jenna Louise Coleman stationary on a bike at the top of the hill, with a microphone set up in front of her. They were obviously recording some kind of dialogue before Clara races down the road on the bike. It was incredibly windy, so hopefully they got something clear in the end.

Jenna Louise Coleman films dialogue at the top of the hill.

Jenna's stunt double.
They then broke for lunch and our lovely friend Rob invited us back to his for a cup of tea. It was so cold and miserable outside that it was really appreciated. When we returned they were obviously doing shoots of the motorbike racing down the hill with Clara's stunt double riding it. They filmed this from several ways, tracking her face on and also driving a camera towards the Tardis so you can see what she's seeing.

Filming vehicle.

Monitor and stunt double on anti-grav bike.

"Doors, Doors, Doors!"
It was the same anti-grav bike as the one in 'The Bells of St John' and we heard 'Doors, Doors, Doors!' as dialogue, shouted as she drives down the road. The presumption being Clara drives at high speed into the Tardis.

That was basically it for today. The pub nearby does a great line in hot suppers, though.

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