Friday, 3 May 2013

Hospital Inefficiency

When I started this blog it was just a place to express myself, get the odd thought and sadness off my chest. I haven't felt the need to post anything for a while but yesterday was a bit frustrating for me.

I had an appointment at 5.15 at a local hospital for a pre-assessment for some very minor invasive surgical checks. We arrived quite early, which was lucky as they lock the doors to the assessment unit at 5pm, and the receptionists leave at the same time. We hadn't had a letter for the appointment (it's all been arranged somewhat last minute.) so we hadn't been informed we'd need to get there early in order to get in.

We were told there was a bit of a wait (which was fine, I expect hospitals to have delays. I'm used it it; I bring my kindle.) and then most of the staff shipped off for the night. It's somewhat disconcerting waiting for an appointment while the doors are locked and the cleaner's come in and wiping everything down for the next day but again it's not out of the ordinary (I can remember waiting in a similar situation where they actually turned the lights off in the area I was waiting. It was quite spooky.)

After an hour's wait (with staff coming out and alternatively asking who I was, why I was there, was I sure I had an appointment, and then that it would only be five minutes longer.) I was finally invited in to be seen. I was in an okay mood, a little down and frustrated because I was missing my boyfriend (Perhaps a bit pathetic, but we're in a situation where we're together 24 hours a day at the moment so any absence is a bit weird.) and frustrated that I was missing loads of cool filming stuff in Cardiff.

We then went through the preassessment, which was where my patience began to fail a little bit. The nurse I was speaking to soon realised my medical care was awkward and kept saying that we were going to have problems because all the doctors (who she needed to advise her) had left for the day and really I should have been given an appointment earlier in the day. I can't do much about that, unfortunately. Eventually we decided she better hold my notes back and speak to a doctor in the morning. She couldn't give me a provisional appointment for the surgical checks because the reception system was offline because it had already been turned off the day. So that appointment had been a waste of both mine and her time, basically.

We've just had the phone call. The gist of it was the doctor isn't sure so we had better go back to the consultant and discuss it with him. Probably towards the end of May. All of this for what was originally an emergency appointment for February. Sadly this is quite the norm.