Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bad Days

[I doubt this even makes sense. I just needed to rant. I believe everyone has a rant in them pretty much all the time and generally we just keep quiet, because that's what's nice and polite. I'm not feeling very nice or very polite right now.]

For the last week I've slowly felt worse and worse. That's not uncommon for me - especially during sunny weather and stress - but obviously doesn't feel very nice. The idea that if it continues you'll end up waking up with your legs not working and throwing up everywhere is a bit haunting.

Today just made an awkward week worse. My partner and I had made the executive decision a few weeks back that we couldn't afford to go on the BBC Doctor Who Experience Tardis Tours of the actual m*****f****** Tardis set because we'd just bought a house and frankly things are horribly tight at the moment. We were aware they would be, it's just the living through that's the boring, frustrating bit. This is slowly creeping closer and as all our friends gradually visit the set and arrange get togethers to visit it, it's become a bit of a ghoul. That's tough, and whilst making us both feel a bit grumpy and sorry for ourselves we both accept that's how it had to be. We don't have a spare fifty quid to spend on non-essentials, especially when..

..your mother breaks your awesome shower. The really expensive walk in one that came with the house you bought. So your partner can't use it because he's too tall to use the mocked up system we've created. And then you find out it's so awesome that it's incredibly non-standard and thus you can't find replacement bits for it and you start panicking you're going to have pull the whole wall down to sort it out and that's going to cost A LOT. And then you argue over that because you still haven't got any money.

And you start wondering if the house will ever be sorted. Can you afford that shed that your mother keeps nagging you that you need (and you kind of accept you do need it because your windowsills are full of weedkiller and fertiliser and random helpful gardening presents and you can't collect the lawnmower because you've nowhere to put it), when are you going to get your hands on a man and a van to collect the furniture you've been promised - should you just hire one and spend even more money?

And why can't you get a job? If you had a job then you might have some money and things might be easier. And then you go into a gloom remembering how your illness killed your education dead and now you need another A Level before you can go to university and like you can afford either of those and who is going to employ you when you still doubt you can actually walk well and have absolutely no work history (bar that random time you decided you could speak German enough to work in an art museum in Germany for a fortnight, and that was ages ago.)

And then you have a cry and tell yourself everything is actually fine, that'll you'll unpack all the boxes (currently filling two rooms), and get on top of the laundry, and make sure the kitchen is clean and all the dishes are done because your lovely dishwasher that was a really kind present is actually quite small and we're quite messy cooks so dishes pile up.. That your partner is brilliant and loves you and helps and does so much and you get a hug and a kiss and everything improves. And once the house is tidy your friends, relatives (preferably those that don't break things, but even the other ones can come back provided they're supervised.. That is a joke, I swear.) can come over and we'll have a drink with those bottles of Aldi alcohol you bought a month ago and everything will be lovely.

But then that buggers up because the world is a confused and disorganised place and everybody has their own schedules to keep to and you wonder whether you've bought the house in the wrong place because you feel so cut off from everything even though you're only a thirty minute drive away (Oh fuck the car. The money devouring beast whose engine light is on and needs an MOT this fortnight. And you've only been driving a year so your insurance is £600 and where are you going to pull that from? And who wants to drive it anyway when it eats £80 worth of petrol a month without you even going anywhere as far as you can tell, and you're still terrified of driving it and still assume every time you hear police sirens that they're going to be pulling you over, because clearly you must be doing something wrong even though you don't know what, because whoever decided it was legal for you to drive must have been an absolute idiot.) And then you try to remember how horrible it was living in a one bedroom flat to persuade yourself it was good you didn't buy a maisonette in Cardiff but by now your sad and any more remembering just makes you sadder.

So no more remembering today, no more crying or brooding or shouting at my partner just because he's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some telly, an early night and a cwtch. Then come back to same old thing tomorrow. Maybe it will be better, maybe it'll be worse. I'll get through it whatever. That's all I need to know.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Phone Calls with My Mother

I ring my mother twice a day by arrangement to make sure she's okay as she's unwell. This is typically how it goes.

1. Ring mother. She doesn't answer.
2. Wait twenty minutes then try again. Still no answer.
3. Maybe she's still asleep. Wait ten minutes. Ring again. Still no answer.
3. Debate calling neighbour/relative to break into house because she's clearly nearly dead.
4. Ring one last time. She answers the phone!
5. "Is that Aimee?" "Yes, are you okay?"
6. "I haven't put my hearing aids in, I don't know what you're saying."
7. "Are you okay? I've been ringing you for ages."
8. "I'm sorry, I can't hear you. Glad you're okay. Love you, bye!"

This happens twice a day.

Like all mothers, she drives me absolutely barmy but I love her dearly.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

#Setlock - Giovanni's Restaurant

#Setlock crowds never disappoint! #dwsr needs to get its act in gear!

Restaurant owner and local
legend: Giovanni!
Gosh it's been a while, hasn't it? I'm really excited at the moment - Sherlock is filming and Doctor Who should be starting soon. Plus life is generally going well, my boyfriend and I have just moved (though not unpacked..) and I'm feeling healthier than I often do when it's this sunny.

Anyway. My boyfriend, an awesome friend and I heard the rumours that Sherlock was filming in Cardiff yesterday. So we headed down. We're a bit out of practice -forgot to get a parking ticket for the car and had to rush back, both cameras' batteries were only half charged (luckily one runs on AAs so that wasn't quite so stressful in central Cardiff!), and we arrived at lunchtime (for the cast and crew - so there was nothing to see.)

The Moff was busy on
the phone. Organising a
certain surprise Confidential,
We completely missed the filming around the Museum/University but camped out along the Hayes (the large shopping street where we knew they'd be filming, even if we erroneously thought they were going to be at Iguanas Bar. They told me they were opening at 12pm though, so we soon worked out that shout was incorrect.) - A couple of bottles of Coca Cola and some Kit Kats later and we finally saw the first van drive up. It delivered some metal barriers and then drove off again. Not very thrilling but it at least gave us a clue there might be something to see (they wouldn't need them if they were only filming inside.)

Rain: inevitable when filming in South Wales. Even if it's hardly noticeable drizzle.
Sue Vertue and Mark Gatiss
Slowly fans (okay: fangirls) and crew members gathered. I was glad to have our bench right at the front, it became obvious a lot of people were interested in seeing filming! It was clear Giovanni's Restaurant was the location and the crew started to set up all the equipment - a blue gazebo went up (at times inside out..), cameras were brought out from vans and taken inside, the all-important table of sustaining tea and coffee was erected in the church yard where they were parking the vans. Then a car pulled up and out strolled Sue Vertue (principally the awesome producer that makes things happen and smiles at us occasionally, but also cool for being The Moff's missus.) and Mark Gatiss (with his dyed hair.) They seemed happy and were amiable as they walked into the building. Mark Gatiss was soon hanging around outside chatting with the crew, while Sue Vertue flitted around everywhere - the Queen Bee making sure the hive is functioning perfectly.

The lovely Lars.
Then more cool stuff happened: one of the black cars (the ones that everybody starts pointing at as soon as they appear - they're used to transport the stars of the show and important crew.) drove up. Out stepped Lars Mikkelsen - looking as dapper as a politician heading to court. It was very exciting to see the new baddie (my boyfriend was excited due to adoring him in The Killing, but I must confess I've never watched it.) We snapped our pictures, giggled excitedly and were in general very happy - we didn't realise we'd get to see him regularly for the next four hours!

Swishy tie!
Curiously we watched a crew member set up and take in a hospital IV drip. You can see it in the video I've put below (a collection of all the - pretty rubbish - clips I took during the day.) My personal theory is that Sherlock has just wandered out of hospital, with drip, because he's determined to meet Charles Augustus Magnussen (Lars Mikkelsen) Why he's in there in the first place? I've no idea, but he was the only principal character inside the restaurant other than Magnussen and as we saw them film Magnussen enter Giovanni's and obviously it wasn't attached to him.

Benedict arrives on set.
Benedict Cumberbatch soon arrived - complete with awesome sunglasses. He only had time to dash inside, with a quick wave to the crowd, but it was lovely to see him out filming in Cardiff again. And then filming began! It appeared to be a very short scene - shot from the inside with the camera focusing on the door (they moved the crowds so they'd be clear of the shot) - they filmed Charles Augustus Magnussen opening the door, entering the restaurant, closing the door behind him, and then presumably going inside (for a discussion with Sherlock?) Obviously we were unable to hear/see anything that happened inside! Lars Mikkelsen seemed to move smoothly, almost cat-like, and with his suave looks and cheekbones to rival Cumberbatch's, a silkily-spoken, scary baddie seems like a likely bet to me.

Sherlock's coat being delivered to the set.

Waves goodbye!
At half seven (the time the restaurant was meant to be re-opening to the customers!) they finally wrapped and we got to quickly see Benedict Cumberbatch leave and drive off down The Hayes. It was a really fun day, and with dry weather and only six hours of standing agog is was nice way to ease ourselves back into set-reporting.

And he's gone.
Gets in to the car.