Saturday, 7 December 2013

Road Safety

I've just had a rather unnerving experience, proving to me just how indestructible humans believe they are. It's 6am, pitch black, a little icy on the roads and I'm driving home after giving my fiance a lift into work. I'm only driving at 20mph (our house is only a few minutes away, I'm in no hurry - getting home means I have to start getting ready for work), although the speed limit of the road is 30mph and cars often drive it much faster, into the 40's when it's quiet. I turn a corner and nearly scream, a woman is only a few feet from my car jogging merrily in the road. I slow down, she smiles and hops on to the pavement. Yes, the pavement.

As much as I applaud anybody who goes for a run at 6am in the complete dark and freezing cold please, please employ some road sense: wear high visibility; black running clothes, like this woman was wearing, mean you do not stand out. And if there is a safe place for you to run (like the pavement for example..) please use it, rather than presuming that you won't see cars because it's a quiet time of day or you will have time to act if one does come screaming past. If I hadn't been driving slowly, then potentially today could have been a far scarier experience. I admit, I am possibly over-reacting but I'm sitting here with all the "what could have been"s running through my head, and it makes me so anxious.

Please take care of yourselves. Take a few extra seconds to think about what you are doing and improve your safety.

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