Friday, 10 January 2014

#dwsr: The Maltings, Splott, Cardiff.

Dan Starkey, Neve McIntosh and Catrin Stewart film in The Maltings.

On the 7th of January 2014 Peter Capaldi started filming Doctor Who. On the 7th of January I was watching Doctor Who filming. Logic might indicate my fellow set reporters and I were watching the 12th Doctor for the first ever time. Sadly this was not the case. When we arrived at the Maltings we were delighted to see Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax filming a Victorian scene, but I must admit I was keeping an eye out in case a shiny, expensive car drove up - I can't wait to see Capaldi!

Intriguingly a blink-and-you-miss-him character from the 2012 Christmas Prequel, Vastra Investigates, was also at filming that day. All information about this character is courtesy of the encyclopaedic knowledge and memory of @Ruther2. Paul Hickey played Inspector Gregson of Scotland Yard, and it looks as though this likely to be the case again - he was in similar clothes, and there were many uniformed policemen on set.

Inspector Gregson in Vastra Investigates

We were somewhat late to filming that day - it was my birthday and getting up a little late, opening presents and having breakfast all seemed reasonably necessary - and so we only saw an hour or so of filming. The Paternoster Gang (Vastra, Jenny, Strax) are at a shipyard and watching (waiting to collect? Needing to interrupt?) items being unloaded from a cargo ship. Inspector Gregson is talking to the trio and his policemen are dotted around the scene. An alien gadget is unloaded and delivered to Vastra in a large cloth sack - it is a transparent glass orb with a glowing orange light and has four dull silver coloured metal prongs sticking out of it. At one point Jenny uses her sonic gauntlet. The majority of the filming I saw was crowd reaction shots (potentially to do with Jenny using the gauntlet), and a scene where policemen barge through the Victorian crowd in an alarmed fashion.

The mysterious alien gadget.
Note: fellow set reporter, @ryanfarrr, tweeted me with some more information on the various alien devices (Jenny's gauntlet and Vastra's hat pin which you can see in Ryan's picture. The link he sent me is to the Blue Peter competition, where children designed three new sonic gadgets. Jenny's gauntlet blasts open locks and Vastra's pin, which turns into a sword.

The lovely Neve McIntosh waves goodbye.
She is quite possibly my favourite actor in
Doctor Who - always friendly, even
after the slog of filming. Cheers Neve!
At lunchtime they wrapped and the cast left. We were informed that they were going to continue the day's filming in studio - where Capaldi already was, judging by the lovely photograph released by the BBC. Possibly this was to film the cargo ship side of things, which was just a green screen in the filming we had watched. We left very soon after - it was time to get home for drinks and silly card games. Doctor Who starting filming again on my birthday was a lovely birthday present.

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