Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Gaming, a message for my fiancé.

Dear Gareth,

I would love to be playing games with you this evening. Tidying the kitchen and buying pringles, popcorn, skittles and all the rest of it whilst you're at work, and then settling down with the radio on to destroy each other(!) I know instead we are going to have a nightmarish evening with the house invaded by two manically yapping dogs and my mother being quietly, endearingly awkward somewhere. I'm sorry. I'm sorry this has been every Valentine's Day, because my mother's birthday is 15/02 and spending that time with her is very important to me.

Know that I will be mentally playing board games with you. Do please text me your reciprocating moves on occasion - luckily we are both capable of doing so while Midsomer Murders blares in the background and we both feign interest.

This is what I am dreaming of playing with you tonight:

1. Hive. I love playing this fast-action, complete strategy game with you. I love that it was one of our first ever games and led us into this fantastic hobby. I love seeing your face wrinkle with confusion when I play the Queen early, and I love how you trap my moves until I can only admit defeat. I'm white, my spider has been placed first.

2. Space Hulk: Death Angel Card Game. We're both sci-fi (and yes, I will always pronounce this wrong, forever - there's a promise) nerds at heart, and working together to battle horrible genestealers (aliens) sounds like some excellent Valentine's fun. Maybe Brother Claudio and Brother Leon will go down at the last possible moment, maybe we'll escape. Either way, let's get trapped in a spaceship together.

3. Confusion. For every time I've driven us in the wrong direction, not seen the correct exit and completely missed something very important (a road sign, traffic lights, potholes...) we have Confusion. This game that highlights my
 horrible spatial skills and where I have to continually ask you how the characters are meant to be moving is something that we have to play tonight. Take the briefcase by all the way to Russia, but I'll come and clasp it from your hands (somehow..)

4.  Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. We save it for special occasions, limit our play due to the lack of cases (and that they won't publish the French expansions in English..) but I would love for today to be special. Sat with glasses of wine, debating furiously about how many more places we can visit before Sherlock Holmes whops our rather rubbish arses completely. He'll win anyway, let's have the satisfaction of a case well-solved.

5. Dominion. Darling, I know this may not be your cup of tea for tonight, I know it burns you out, but I promise I won't combo too hard and I'll let you have all the Duchies.. And hey, if you do burn out and no longer fancy more games then perhaps it's time to relax and find something else to do.

With love, and apologies,