Thursday, 31 March 2016

Ten (Nonsensical) Thoughts

I read a lot of blog posts, encourage my husband to blog, and actively neglect my own (which admittedly is more of a rant-area and thought-dump than a beautifully curated personal space.) So that's a shame.

Ten thoughts of the moment:
  1. I have suffered from nausea nearly everyday for the past eight years. Now we're trying for a baby I am over analysing every second of horrible vomitiness. I am getting quite fed up of me.

  2. I have just realised I've been singing along to Justin Bieber at work for what feels like months. I don't pretend to be a musical knowledge, but presumed I had some instinctual awareness of what "good music" was. Fuck it, I enjoy Love Yourself. (See also: James Blunt, Pink & S Club 7 but with more self awareness.)

  3. The puppy is about to turn one. He seems more puppy-ish now (tearing up cardboard, futilely chasing birds, demanding to play with toys) than he has for months. Is he regressing?

  4. Husband has started learning German. This is seriously awesome (which should be expected from a seriously awesome husband.) Also reminding me that my crashed out of A Levels (yay illness!) were a reallly long time ago. According to his app I'm still 58% fluent though. I think that's good. I'm unsure.

  5. I spent months thinking my phone was shit because everybody could do those emoji things and I couldn't (but obviously I don't want to, they're really quite immature, and what really is the point..) Have now discovered if I hold down the "enter key" it magically turns into emoji world. So that's, 🆗🆒✌💙🍸💡😉

  6. Husband is a bad influence. He has introduced me to the Guilty Feminist and Parapod podcasts and now life is not the same (I'm certain each day has been reduced by about three hours.)

  7. Suspect I may like late shifts best at work because it's far less embarrassing to sleep in the evening after a shift, than if said shift ends at 1pm. Sleep is definitely required after work. A lot of sleep.

  8. Everybody is ill. Some seriously (friend rushed to hospital, other one cracked his skull, mum's paranoid schizophrenia) and some less so (man flu has infected every male I know) It is getting depressing.

  9. Customers continue to remark how nice it is that it's sunny. I continue not to cry and swear and over-explain how much it's hurting me. Equally, I am praised for being friendly. Find it bizarre - what retail worker isn't friendly? It's basically required. Concerned for shops everywhere.

  10. Suspect the spot on the really tight-skinned, hurty top bit of my forehead/hairline is auditioning to become a lighthouse. It will not bugger off. Rude. When will I be old enough that such things a) don't exist or b) no longer matter?
More highly interesting commentary on a bored, ill 24 year old's life as and when.