Monday, 27 June 2016

Owen Smith: Let down again

My MP has just resigned from the Shadow Cabinet. This is the second time where he has acted so utterly against my wishes as a constituent that I have found myself furiously grumbling with complete contempt to anybody who will listen. The first time was when he abstained from the Tory Welfare Bill - you can read what I thought about that here.

It makes me so sad that Labour can manage to create a crisis and draw all negative media attention to themselves, when they have the opportunity to capitalise on Conservative mistakes. They are the most skilled bunglers I have ever known.

Whatever I think of Corbyn (and personally I think he is great for Labour, and is a transformation for the party) this just seems utterly stupid and career-motivated from all involved. I am fed up of having such a spineless politician represent me. As stated in my previous blog post, he has lost my vote.

Finally, I think my previous thoughts still sadly hold true:

I believed Labour could - and would - make a difference.
Now I believe Labour could - but won't - make a difference.